Fuchsia ideal as a summer AND autumn bloomer

Fuchsia ideal as a summer AND autumn bloomer
Many do not think of fuchsia when they think of autumn bloomers, it is not so obvious. Yet there are various types of fuchsias hardy or quite hardy.

The plant has been around for more than 12 years. Plant nutrition is the trick to keep the plant in bloom all year round and the roots healthy. A healthy plant is less affected by frost.

In the spring, immediately after the frost, cut the shrub to the ground. You will soon see the new leaves and the plant will soon sprout. You can expect the first flowering in March/April. Then also sprinkle the first plant food in granules. This works for about 3 months, so until the end of June/beginning of July. Then you sprinkle again for the next 3 months, this will work until the end of September.

After that you don’t have to sprinkle anymore. The plant flowers until frost and gives you a huge flower boost.

Choice fuchsia
When purchasing the fuchsia, pay attention to hardy varieties. Some really can’t stand it. But if you have found a good strain, it will last for years. Also nice to plant the fuchsia as a kind of hedge.

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